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Her Pretty Face

August 21, 2018

Oh man has it been a while since I picked up a book….good or bad.  One of the girls at work told me this book was a MUST READ!!

So, after checking my local library and seeing that there were a whopping 45 holds on it I uploaded it to my Kobo, and Holy Hell I was not disappointed!!!

The book begins with a missing girl case from the past, then weaves past/present happenings together to have you guessing and theorizing right to the end!  And let me tell you that the end is not at all a let down.

I read the whole thing in 2 days lying in my backyard hammock.  I recommend both-reading it, and do so in a hammock…with the phone off to eliminate any chance of disruption.

OOOOKKKKK!!!  Your turn….Whatcha reading???  Got any oldies but goodies tucked away that you alway go back to ?  Hook a girl up!!!

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