Nostalgic Propane

August 28, 2018

Sooooo DEMO DAY IS HERE!!   And man has this ever been cathartic!!  I grabbed myself a crow bar and started banging, pulling, smacking and wedging all the interior of the trailer!!  The birch panelling came down ALOT easier than I expected.

Interesting fact-apparently in the 50’s propane everything is common, and that means there’s a ton of copper pipe that needs to be cut-HEELLLOOOO new tool required!!  We’ve got an old school propane stove top, lights that are amazing (I’m hoping to get them wired) and a fridge!!  Seeing all these propane appliances bring back a flood of amazing memories from WAAYYY  back in 1999, when Kevin and I bought our 2nd house on Brighton Rd. We gained 2 of the most influencial people ever as neighbours: Frank & Donna.  They were an older couple, if I was to guess they were probably in their 70’s when we first met them.  Frank was a retired hiway repair man that was very set in his ways and Donna was a retired secretary that tolerated all his neuances.  It was a second marriage for both of them as they were both widows, with some seriously traumatic stories….

Frank lost his wife in a horrible trailer fire-their trailer was heated with propane (which is what triggered this memory) and both he and his wife were smokers.  They went to bed with a cigarette not fully extinguished.  Frank recalled that he awoke to a loud bang and watched as a tunnel of fire barreled towards he and his sleeping wife.  It blew the trailer apart.  He survived with numerous burns of different degrees all over his body, requiring months and months of hospitalization and rehabilitation…his wife died instantly. They were newlyweds and had yet to start their family.

Donna was married to her high school sweetheart, dating since they were in grade 10.  They started their family early, Donna opting to stay at home with their 3 boys while her husband worked.   One day while she waited for him to come home, she heard the doorbell ring.  She opened the door to 2 police officers.  She stated that she doesn’t recall much from that meeting, just that when they told her that her soulmate was dead she screamed so loud and long that she lost her voice for days.  He had died suddenly from a massive heart attack.  He was 34.

Hearing Donna’s story was a huge milestone in my life.  She 100% is the reason I took control of my future and my life.  When she first told me her story, she told me to learn from her.  I was the same age she was when her husband died, leaving her a single mother of 3 boys with no education or means to support them.  I too married my high school sweatheart and was a stay at home mother to our 4 boys.  I truly didnt have that much ambition to go back to school.  Donna suggested insisted I take control of my life, not be reliant on anyone and find something that made me happy that could support myself and my children if the need ever arose.

She kept on me for the next few weeks, I had actually just applied at Tim Hortons and not even received a call for an interview.  She told me to take that as a sign, GO BACK TO SCHOOL.

And so I did. It was the best advise anyone had ever given me.  Not only to get a career, but to not be reliant on anyone.

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from either Frank or Donna.  The last we heard, they had sold their home on Brighton as well, and moved to a smaller home.  We know the chances of them even being alive 12 years later are slim, their health was failing when we last saw them in 2011, but what a beautiful story these two had.  Finding love and acceptance after such horrific tragedy, staying positive when the world seems black, never losing faith or hope.  And above all, knowing that you are in control of your destiny, the driver of the car and the maker of your future.



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