11 Missed Calls

October 10, 2018

So, admittedly I lean more towards a dramatic book, one that includes some pulling of the heart strings, setting the tears to flow and chests to be held….so a mystery was a nice change!

This book had me guessing RIGHT TO THE VERY END!!  I literally had no idea WTF was going to happen.

11 Missed Calls is a great book about a woman in her 30’s that struggles with the fact that her mom went missing when she was only a few months old.  She becomes more intent on finding out what happened to her, and in doing so begins to unwind a whirlwind of secrets and cover-ups….WHY did her dad marry her moms bestie only 4 months after she went missing, WHY would she go for a walk and just simply NOT RETURN, WHY has there been no trace of her in over 30 years?!?!?  All while her personal life starts to unwind……

URGH, I’m telling you just when I thought had it figured out, another discovery would send me right back to the drawing board.  Shaking my head, and trying to piece all the pieces together again!

OH!!!  And you know when youre reading a book and then you READ THE TITLE OF SAID BOOK IN THE BOOK?!?!  That happens, and its pretty pivotal and pause worthy.

And then it’s all explained….and its worth the wait guys.

Read this book, you won’t be disappointed.

Have you read it already??  Let me know what you thought!!!

Do you have a must read for me????  Hook a girl up!!!!!!

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