Kim & Kevin Goto Cuba 2018 Edition

December 20, 2018

Admittedly, I go on vacation a lot. I usually just hop on RedTag, see what’s cheap then book it!

However, during 2017 Kevin and I started building a new house, and it was ALL CONSUMING and soooo expensive!  So I was working extra hours, living at my mom’s for a bit and helping out where I could to get the house done as quickly as possible.  Never mind the stress of building – you know what I mean – the near divorce stress of making massive decisions quickly and while so tired!!

One night on my 3rd night shift, with lack of sleep, I phoned Kevin after crying for the 3rd time only a 1/2 hour into my 12 hour shift.  

“Jesus Kim, are they being mean to you?  Why are you crying so much?”  

“I don’t know, nothing has happened!  I can’t stop though.”

“We need a vacation, see if you can find anything WITHIN OUR BUDGET….which is nothing.”

So I immediately hopped on to Redtag and went straight to our favourite resort in Mexico.  Found dates I was off and booked it.  Yep, that was all I did.  Note that checking the price was not in the process. 

The next day while I was showing Kev what I found, he alerted me to the price….and was not happy.  So one phone call later we were booked at a “more appropriately priced” resort: Melia Las Dunas in Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba.

I was freaking out because I am a foodie, and Cuba is not a foodies friend!  Infact the last time I went to Cayo Santa Maria was on a girls trip, and I was sick for 14 days after I got home.  So I worried and freated until pretty much we boarded the plane.

But to my surprise the resort was amazing!!!  As soon as the bus pulled up I was amazed with how well kept the grounds were, and how new it looked.

So we unloaded our backpacks, put on our bathing suits and headed straight to the pool-where we slept until dinner time.  We ate OKish food, it good, but not good enough that I was going to gain weight on this trip!!  But chill and sleep was ours to be had!

The week we were there was amazing.  We shopped, lounged, ate, drank and got a massage at the most beautiful spa! Sleep came easy, we walked slowly and drank freely.

Now if you’ve never been to Cayo Santa Maria, let me tell you-the beaches are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!  The ocean blends with the sky and you can see the bottom of the ocean for miles.  Kevin and I took a private catamaran ride and could see everything, all the jellyfish (they were everywhere) and a few stingrays.  What we didn’t see were sharks.  Angel our guide assured us that there were no sharks in this area, that there was no vegetation, and therefore no fish for them to feed on.  We sailed around, feet hanging carefree in the water.  I had never felt so safe.

When we returned, we frolicked about in the ocean.  Now I’ll be honest here: I’m a freak in the ocean…and not in a good way.  In a screaming lunatic way.  I’m afraid of everything and when something touches me like say seaweed or the occasional flip flop (sorry Lisa) I scream and run without warning or concern for others.

Because the ocean is so clear and the catamaran trip was so relaxing and reassuring,  felt very secure swimming about.  In fact Kevin pointed out just how relaxed I seemed.  I smiled and told him how safe I felt.

Just then, a fucking shark swam between us.


“WTF was that?!”

“Just a fish”

“Kevin!!!!”  I scream as I run for my life.  I fall onto the shore and look back for Kevin only to see him looking around for the shark.

I watch for 10 more minutes or so, wondering if this was it for him.  Shot in the head, broken back, broken shoulder and now….

Suddenly I see him running for the shore, falling and stumbling, panicked.  

“What??  What did you see??”


Farewell Cayo Santa Maria, you shark infested bitch!!


  • Suzie

    December 20, 2018 at 10:25 am

    Omg loved reading about your experience !!! Holy that’s scary about the shark but so happy the rest was so beautiful! Sounded like it was much needed 🙂
    Thank you for sharing !

    1. Yoga by Kim

      December 20, 2018 at 11:39 am

      Thank god it was at the end of our trip!!!! xo

  • Shelley

    December 22, 2018 at 7:55 am

    I think about this every time I step in the water. Jeez.

    1. Yoga by Kim

      December 22, 2018 at 10:50 pm

      Right? Im a shark attack survivor!!!

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