Summer Solstice Day Retreat

November 26, 2019

Come sooth & ground yourself all while celebrating the longest day of the year AND the first day of summer.

The summer solstice is all about light-honouring the sun, connecting with Mother Earth and stepping into OUR light!!!!

Together we will release the dark (all that negativity holding us back) and step into the light (think goals, dreams, deep desires).

We will enjoy our day together flowing, meditating, and MANIFESTING!!!!

We will gather at the amazing Yoga Barn & Spa, which is designed for just this, a calming, safe space to reconnect and restore!

!Click here to see our itinerary!

Date: June 20, 2020

Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Yoga Barn and Spa 1583 Old Second Rd. N.
Hillsdale, On

Cost: $150, non-refundable and limited to 10 people.

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