Why You Need Meditation in Your Life

November 6, 2020

We’ve all heard how good meditation is for us and how adopting a consistent practice in our lives leads to all of these amazing results….but what does it really do and why? Why is sitting quietly so important and what makes it so great for us?

To meditate simply means to get quiet and redirect your thoughts and focus. Meditation comes in may forms for different people. Some find that going on a run is their meditation, movement helps them to clear their mind. Others find that sitting being guided is what works best for them. Whatever form of meditation you practice, the benefits are the same.

So what are these amazing benefits I speak of? Well I’ve put together a quick little list highlighting 5 of my favourite ones!

  • IT REDUCES STRESS. When we slow our bodies and focus on our breath, we activate our para-sympathetic nervous system (PSN)-the system within our bodies that is responsible for resting and digesting. When activated, our PSN begins to slow our heart rate and lower our blood pressure. Our body fully begins to slow therefore easing into a relaxed state, and it is in this state that allows healing. Our cortisol levels decrease which reduces inflammation and increases the power of our immune system.
  • THERE ARE NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS. As noted above, meditation also works on a cellular level, and those actions reduce pain, anxiety and can ease depression. Nothing bad comes from meditation, no nasty side-effects or negative outcomes. This makes meditation an amazing tool to help treat illnesses such as anxiety, pain, depression and stress.
  • IT SLOWS YOUR BRAIN FROM AGING. It has been shown that a regular meditation practice actually slows the gradual and inevitable decline in cognition that comes with aging. Regular meditation also helps to decrease our chances of dementia! In fact, it has been said that at the age of 50, brains of meditators appeared to be over 7 years younger than non-meditators!
  • FOCUS AND CLARITY COME EASIER. In our world today staying focused on what’s important is more necessary than ever! Meditation brings our focus back to within, all the noise of our external environment fades as the important stuff comes to the frontline. This allows us to be more productive and present within our lives, thus leading to more of a feeling of control and peace.
  • IT’S FREE!! Meditation is one of the extremely rare things you can do without needing to spend $1! You need no fancy equipment, not one ounce of training…all you need is just 10 minutes a few days a week!

Sounds amazing, right? Wondering how or where to start? No worries, I gotcha:)

Try this short but effective guided meditation…

What have you got to lose, besides stress, anxiety……….

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