The Fall Equinox

Ahhh the Fall Equinox! It is that bridging time of year between summer and fall. A time where the heat gives way to cooler weather, slower movement and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!

This is such magical time of year! The sun is visible right above the earths equator, essentially dividing the earth right in half. This alignment leads to perfectly divided amounts of sunshine and darkness around the world! Unifying us and creating balance!


This marks the perfect time for us to ground down and reflect, to move inwards and embrace the coming darkness. To really explore what it is that is important to us, to begin to BALANCE our needs & desires, our yin & yang, strengths & weaknesses.

We move further inwards to allow discovery and creativity….to become really focused and aware of what it is that we wish to create more of in our lives, and what we wish to have less of.

This sounds so great, right? I know!

I invite you to practice alongside me, journalling, moving, breathing and meditating to allow yourself to go within, to get deep and personal….to figure out WTF you need to release, what’s been working for you, and what you wish to create more of!

For our time together today you will need your journal and a pen, your yoga mat and some hydration. Allow yourself some quiet time, and although I created the practices below in this order to prepare our minds and bodies for quiet, YOU DO YOU in whatever sequence or timing that works with your life.


Even, Regulated Breath

Find a comfortable space, and quietly connect with your breath.


You can choose to print out the worksheet linked here, or write out the following questions in your journal. Either way, allow yourself to get really quiet and be vunerable & honest.

  • what am I proud of this season?
  • which ideas/plans have grown, and which have not? why?
  • where am I holding back, allowing a self limiting belief to rule?
  • what have I learned over this season that I wish to use to create more success in the next season?
  • what are my dreams, goals & aspirations for the upcoming season? (don’t hold back here, really allow yourself to dream big!)
  • try to pull 4 desires from this list, the top 4 that really resonate with you when you read them out loud
  • examine these 4 desires closely, repeating them softly with your eyes closed. which one calls to you the strongest? allow this to become your personal mantra/desire/wish for the new season.


Releasing Negative Energies

Inhale fully, and just release!

I sincerely hope that these practices helped you in finding some balance and grounding during this Fall Equinox. I also encourage you to not limit the practice to just the Equinox! If one of the above sessions really resonated with you, visit it frequently, lean into what your body is telling you it needs at this time.

Listen closely to that inner voice you’ve connected with.

In loving balance,



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