Choosing to be Present

August 15, 2018

36 hours of work, 12 hours sleep-welcome to nursing.

As I wake this afternoon from my 3rd night shift, I perform my usual post-night shift routine-start the coffee, grab some fruit, toast  ice cream, search for the laptop and my notebook plant ma butt in the worn out groove from said butt on the couch and start the process of waking the hell up.

The lingering headache from lack of sleep is something every shift worker knows oh to well.  No Advil, cold compresses or meditation can cure it.  All you need do is push through the day and hope to holy hell you can sleep that night to try and get some normalcy back into your life, just in time to do it again.

But you know what, I have a job.  A good job.  A job I love.  A job that allows me to pursue my other love….teaching yoga.

Balance, right?  Yin and Yang.  Ebb and flow.

So today, where I would normally lounge around the house in my PJ’s, allowing the day to pass without me being present, I choose to be present and thankful for the positives I have in my life.  I will meditate, move my body in some form, smile when I feel like I want to growl and try to change the pathway my big old brain has worn so deep that its easy to get lost in.

What patterns do you find yourself falling into?  It’s sometimes hard to notice when you have a routine, kinda like when you stop for a coffee on the way home from the grocery store because that’s just what you do, not because you want one.

It’s important to take notice of what you spend your time on, what you’re taking time from, and make a conscious choice to CHOOSE your path, be present and live.

My Love Feels

How the hell do you do that?  Well, I began by starting by becoming aware of my day, how I felt when I was doing things or being around certain people.  I wrote it down, journaled  it and was honest-BRUTALLY HONEST.   I’m not going to lie, it was a more than a little  empowering to write down my honest feelings.  Sounds cheesy, but it helped me figure out who I was, what I liked, what I didn’t….NOT what I thought others wanted me to like, thought I was… get it.

I challenge you to be super cheesy with me, and write down the shit that gives you all the LOVE FEELS.  Post theses up where you can see them!  Involve those things in your life more often.  I’ve got mine posted where I can see it every single morning and night, but its only mine, in my closet, for my eyes only.

Being present…..we got this babes!

Update….I did it, I took control and was super present.  I did a 108 breath meditation in the park, walked around and laughed with some sweet people.  And I feel great, well, not great-good.  Yes I feel good.  And present.

108 Meditation in the Park


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