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Full Moon Yoga

August 26, 2018

Saluting the moon.  Saaayyy whaaattt??!!!  I know, I feel ya here.  I’m a newbie when it comes to understanding the moon and the impact and power it holds.  One thing I’ve know for a LOOOONG time is that a full moon effects people, pretty much all people.  Being a nurse, when the unit is crazy, people are extra confused, more code blues are called than normal or family become uncontrollable….its normal for us to look at each other and ask if its a full moon.  So it’s power is not lost on me, I just really didn’t understand it, or realize that i could harness this power/energy and use it to heal me, to nourish my soul, to aid in reconciling my past and laying a safe passage for the future.

OOOOHHHH there’s a lot of yogi-talk in that last sentence…..but stick with me and lets break this down.

So of course to learn a little more, I consult my most trusted partner in this journey, The Journey Junkie She teaches that the full moon is the perfect time to do some inner work, to begin searching within to find any negative pockets, release any resentments or guilt we hold.

So guys basically, the full moon shows us HER full self, to remind us to care for OUR full self.

Time to be really REAL with yourself, admit shit that your are holding onto, fears you have, shame that grips you, guilt that makes your chest hurt, memories you try to bury.  Because dealing with these extremely difficult emotions and moments allows us to heal them, to emerge lighter, to forgive ourselves and others.  By doing this, we allow the space that this negative thought, talk or feeling took up to be filled with positive thoughts, kind words and lightness.

Yes, the time has come to allow yourself some vunerability.  Finally.  Some honesty.  Finally.  And you know what, it’s no ones business but yours, this is your journey, you’re the driver.  Doing this work doesn’t mean broadcasting it or sharing it with others, its not them that needs to release its you.  And while I do sometimes have the urge to reach out to people when relflecting, I most often don’t.  But I do always practice some form of releasing.  Whether it be writing that shit down then burning it, watching it dissolve by MY doing right to the end, or showering while picturing it all wash off me, flowing down the drain, leaving me extra clean space.  It must be released.


In order to prepare for this amazing release and reset, it’s of course important to involve your physical body.  To honour the moon, just as we do the sun by practicing MOON SALUTATIONS.

WTF are they?  I know, they were new to me as well.  A moon salutation practice is a repetition of movements connecting your breath and body, allowing the mind to clear.  It works on a side to side mat movement as opposed to front to back.  It is repeated for as long as you feel the need.  It’s a very personal, intimate practice.  I love it.

OOOOKKKK, who’s in??  It’s time, guys…..let that shit go….unload the extra baggage, breath deep cleansing breathes and allow yourself some healing time.



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