Setting Goals

September 9, 2018

OOOKKKK yogi’s.  Remember when I was going on and on about how I’ve lost my yoga groove?  And that I had had just about enough of it, so I set my goal to get back into the groove and laid out some steps to get there!  If you’re like, WTF, you can catch it all here.

But basically, to recap I set the goal:

Practice more yoga!

I mapped out the steps to get there:

  1. Taking back my yoga room
  2. Renewing my YogaGlo subscription
  3. Getting the hell outta my house and practicing with my community

The Results Thus Far:

  1. My son has fully moved into his room in the basement, freeing up my intended yoga room!!!  I am currently in the process of getting my stuff all unpacked (HELLO PRAYER FLAGS I MISSED YOU!) and settling in.  This has been a much, much bigger push towards practicing daily/more frequently than I had anticipated.  I walk into my room and instantly I feel comforted, safe and inspired.  In fact, while unpacking some boxes and moving some furniture around, I was inspired to practice this little ditty!!!
  2. Renewing my subscription to YogaGlo was such an amazing thing for me to do.  It has changed a lot since I last used it probably about a year ago.  I was met with a welcome greeting by one of my fav yoga influencer Jason Crandall, who guided me through a 5 min chair yoga to prove just how little time everyday we need to get grounded.  Urgh….YES!!!!
  3. OK, I’m slacking here.  I haven’t done one community yoga class.  I have had some people suggest I join them on certain outings to help me get out there, however, none have proven fruitful.  So this is my main focus for this month….get out there!!!

URGH!!  This goal setting and obtaining stuff is relatively new to me.  The organization part of it, that is.  I’m a list maker, a planner by nature so the planning and list making were never a big issue, however, the organization and follow through were.  Once I really started following clear pathways, organizing my thoughts and plans and setting VERY SPECIFIC timelines, I noticed a huge shift.  I was taking control over my life and boy was that ever freaking empowering.

Holy Hell, that’s a lot of words.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

OOOKKKK, your turn!!  What’s driving you lately?  Is there something that you have been thinking about a lot but unsure as to how to get there?  What steps do you take to meet your goal?


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