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The Home for Unwanted Girls

September 21, 2018

Wow.  It’s been some time since I read a book that make me cry.  And cry I freaking did.

This is the tale of a young girl growing up in the 1940’s, falling in love, getting pregnant and the tremendous impact it had on not only her life, but LITERALLY everyone’s lives.

You weave back and forth between Maggie (young, in love mother that is forced to give her baby up for adoption) and Elodie (the child Maggie has given up for adoption).  The path that Elodie‘s life took is actually based on TRUE STORIES…..these atrocities actually happened to innocent children!!!!!!!!  Knowing this honestly made the book so much more gut wrenching.

I found this book to be very raw and almost relatable on some bizarre level.  The longing for someone, the love and lust, the anger and surrender it was all very palpable and real.  I did find myself REALLY wanting an update or perhaps some justice for the orphans.  I was longing for it, actually so much so that I looked up the orphanages/mental institutions in Quebec during this time period.  I regret.  Don’t do it, your heart will snap in 2.


On a lighter note…incase your like “Kim, how do you get your Kobo to sit on such a perfect angle?”  Well, curious friends, here is a pro tip:

Perfect prop and perfect snack, 2 birds, 1 stone.


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