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January 1, 2019

Well it happened, 2018 ended, and damn was that a whirlwind! I can’t be the only one that is amazed that 365 days passed in what seemed like a blink of the eye. It’s not that this year wasn’t full of events, it wouldn’t make any sense if the Booth household got through a whole year without incident!! From house permit/inspection whoas, to my boy having some pretty freaking scary cardiac issues, to my near shark attack there were significant moments that were huge.

I’m stuck when it comes to how I wish to “handle” New Years. This year I have delved much deeper into my yoga practice, not just the poses but the meditation, the self acceptance, the love portion-trying to find peace, calm my mind, accept my past and make amends with younger Kim. In doing so, I have found a true love in meditation and journaling. I turn to my meditation practice when my mind is jumbled-full of thoughts that I have no idea how to organize, or articulate. It has helped me immensely over this past year, especially when I took my first ever stress leave from work. Realizing that I can help myself and work towards healing myself was an amazing, powerful and very empowering moment.

So with that in mind, a New Years resolution seems to be so inauthentic. For me that is, it may be your jam, I have just found in the past that my resolutions have been “lose 20 pounds”+ “eat less sugar”+ “move more” and these are SUCH awesome resolutions, however I never did map out a plan to make them stick…Soooo they didn’t stick! SURPRISE!! Sound familiar?

I really want to do something that would be meaningful, involve a plan (and HOPEFULLY a list!!!) and some reflection over all I have accomplished and gained over this last year.

This morning as I opened up Facebook, scrolling over everyones amazing pictures and kind wishes, something caught my eye:

One of my online friends posted a link titled “LET’S LEAVE THE CRAP IN 2018.” UMMMMM HELLO!!! YES PLEASE!!!

So clicked on it right away and fell in love with everything that the author Terri Cole had written and suggested. She tells us to take some time and make some lists….the crap you want to leave, THE GEMS FROM THE CRAP YOU WANT TO LEAVE (seriously!! This was my favourite part! Yep, there was some shit that happened, but WTF good came out of it??) and then finally what do you want to create in 2019. So Terri, the author, also so graciously posted some worksheets to help us through our process. Straight forward sheets….difficult questions.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this exercise. It was very cathartic, insightful and ultimately EMPOWERING. I can’t recommend you try it enough. You can LEAVE THE CRAP IN 2018 here guys!!! Do it!! Unload and emerge lighter and more focused…learning that even the crap has some glimmer, some lessons, some goodness-it is there, just REALLY freaking hard to see when you’re going through it.

So out with the crap in with the awesomeness!

We got this!!!

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