So I Did a Juice Cleanse…

June 16, 2020

And it turned out to be so much more than juices.

Last week I ordered a 3 day “Complete” juice cleanse online. I decided to try a new company because I have been unsatisfied with the juices offered by our local juicery. After reading the reviews, reading the cleanse descriptions over and over again, I decided to take the plunge.

Why? I was feeling “gross.” Fat and foggy. I had previously completed juice cleanses on regular basis with great success, in fact I was such a believer my hubby bought me a top of the line juicer that I had been eyeing for some time. I would make juice daily, even had a recipe book for my favourites.

Then one day, who knows exactly when, it became too much for me to do it. The washing, juicing, clean up. So I began buying juices very infrequently. Not really that happy with the taste, and missing out on that “clear” feeling that I always had.

So juicing fell to the wayside, my juicer began collecting dust.

Until recently.

My brother was diagnoses with stage 4 lung cancer, my husband was put on medication for high cholesterol, my weight was climbing and mental clarity was sinking. I was feeling weighed down and sad, unable to really even make myself happy. I picked fights with my husband, being super nit picky with everything he said, I stopped practicing my yoga, I ate whatever I felt like in what ever quantity I wanted and allowed myself to start sinking into the abyss of depression.

Then Kev told me I needed to get my groove back.

And he was right. I needed a reset. I needed to feel good, healthy and in control of myself again.

I remembered how good I felt with drinking daily juices and cleansing regularly, and it prompted this much needed cleanse.

So I placed my order and anxiously awaited the arrival of my juices!

I began my cleanse on a Tuesday, set to finish on the Friday. I had made a checklist for myself to complete everyday in addition to the cleanse. My plan was to use this time as a self care reset.

So each day I was to:

  • dry brush each morning
  • get outside and walk for whatever amount of time
  • a yin or restorative yoga class each day
  • journalling each day
  • meditate

And so it began. The first day I forgot to dry brush before getting into the shower, so I simply dried off very well and did it as soon as I got out. WOW. I had forgotten how amazing it made my skin feel! I did fight nausea and exhaustion but was beginning to feel empowered and confident. I liked that I was doing something about how I was feeling, not just complaining about it and continuing to decline. My hunger wasn’t too bad, I stuck with the juice, water, tea routine and found it kept my mind occupied and tummy full. One of the girls at work did bring in some BBQ’d veggies for her dinner, and I did consider grabbing her plate and running from her whilst shoving them in my mouth. But I chose to walk away from her….

The second day I felt amazing, like I was beginning to gain that control again. Not just over my eating habits, but over my emotions. The journalling had allowed some pretty significant fears to come loose. I was (and am) realizing that I don’t like to deal with difficult situations, so I try to carry on without feeling them. I mean, really though, WHO DOES?!

Deal with the fact that my little brother is going to die? NO THANK YOU! Bury my head in some waffles with syrup? YES PLEASE!

I allowed myself to REALLY cry for the first time since his diagnosis. And to process what it all meant. For him and his family. And also for me and my family-without feeling selfish for feeling like something big was happening to ME, even though HE was the one suffering with the diagnosis. This felt, and still feels, huge.

Day 3 wasn’t as epic. I wasn’t hungry though. I felt as if I could carry on actually, food wasn’t really on my mind a whole lot. I drank charcoal for the first time, and wasn’t that unhappy with it. My energy was super low, although I was also coming off of a stretch of nights and had not been sleeping very well, so I can’t place the blame all on the juices! I did however feel happy. Did my self care checklist, and this time left my dogs home for my walk. I put on some music and just walked alone. It was nice to be totally by myself, I so often am not. I planned out what I was going to eat on my first day post cleanse, as I didn’t want to just jump back into old habits and routines, I did a little grocery shop to prepare and I called my brother. All in all a pretty good day! I felt productive and content with how I chose to fill the hours!

I woke up on day 4 ready. I was glad to have planned my meals out!! I still have the daily self care list up on the bathroom wall, and while I may not have gotten to the daily yoga, I pretty much am keeping up with the others!

My 3 day juice cleanse was so much deeper than I had anticipated. I really used the time away from solid food to make solid changes in my life, re-evaluate how I was living and treating myself and others.

All in all I lost 5 pounds, gained about 15 journal pages full of my thoughts and emotions, completed 3 yoga classes, gained daily self love habits that feel like a treat and am begining to get back to that amazing self control I have been searching for.

Next cleanse is July 5… in?

I ordered my juices from Pulp & Press Co.  They are a company based out of London, Ontario that have been around since 2014.  I ordered "The Complete 3 Day Cleanse."  If you are interested in trying out their products here is a $10 off coupon:)


  • Laurie Canning

    June 16, 2020 at 12:56 pm

    Hi Kim..
    I have been buying pulp and press from Zehrs for a year now..
    I only drink one per day..
    But I have been looking to do the 3 day cleanse.:
    So happy you sent the juice cleanse..And especially all the other things you do with the cleanse..
    So true..
    When I was reading.. I thought she is reading my mind and feelings right now because that is how I feel exactly..
    If it is not too much trouble can you please tell me the name of the juices they sent..
    I usually buy, Hulk and Envy only..
    I know they have so much of a variety..
    I cannot take anything with grapefruit in it.. and wondering if any 1 had any grapefruit..
    I know one juice does but I can’t remember the name of it.. could be the beet juice one..
    I Checked their website and it does not give you a breakdown of the juice..
    So if you could let me know I would appreciate it..
    My cell number is 705 305 3008..
    Sending love and light!!🙏❤️

    1. Yoga by Kim

      June 24, 2020 at 4:34 pm

      Hey you!!! The juices in my 3 day were:
      day 1 hulk, spicy lemon, quench, rinse & rebeet, kalefornia, beta blaster
      day 2 turbo, red monster, very berry, green glow, monsoon, lemon sherbet
      day 3 hulk 2.0, betta blaster, zinger, eclipse, bliss, rinse & rebeet
      I feel like a bunch of us are collectively feeling like a little self care in needed, the next cleanse I doing starts on July 5….let me know if you think you want to join in!!!
      I would definitely contact the company to ask about the grapefruit, I’m sure they will guide you safely through this!!

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