Connecting With You

August 4, 2020

Today we are going to take a journey…one that I’m super excited for you to experience!  It’s very interactive and subjective.  

We will begin by fully relaxing our bodies and minds, and then travel to a safe space where our inner self lives.  Our travels will take us down pathways and through streams. 

This type of meditation is called Guided Imagery.  I set the stage and you fill it with your beauty, and when you’re fully engaged, your body and nervous system will act as if you’re really there!  

What are the benefits to this type of meditation?  

Well for one….to keep your mind active and get back to the beauty of day dreaming!  Allowing your mind to freely create and embrace all that you feel!  By allowing this, we are encouraging harmony between our body and our mind. 

It is a way of focusing your imagination to create calm, peaceful images, thereby providing a “mental escape.”

Guided imagery also can have many health-related benefits.  It can decrease anxiety and distress while lessen the distraction of pain or discomfort.

When you find your own inner strength, you then empower yourself by using that strength to help ease and comfort your mind and body.And it’s pretty amazing to do.  This is my ALL TIME favourite type of meditation.  It kind of reminded me of Alice In Wonderland-where your are only limited by yourself.  

And since traveling restrictions haven’t really eased up yet, what have you to lose?

Let. me know what you think!  I’m excited to hear what you created, what you saw, what you felt…all of it!! 

Safe travels!


Meditation to Connect With Your Inner Self

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