Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9, 2021

Ah Mother’s Day!

When my children were younger, I really looked forward to this day, as my boys would all begrudgedly get into my huge veggie gardens to weed and til them for me. It was a huge undertaking, but there were 4 of them and I SO appreciated it!

My husband & I would go for a “roll” and he would play music he curated specifically for me while we sipped on Timmies and dreamed about where our future would bring us.

We would then order in dinner.

The perfect day!

Now that my boys are adults, I feel a shift in Mother’s Day, actually in all “special” days.

I know a lot has changed. Two of my boys don’t live with me and trying to wrangle them all together is sometimes a challenge.

A part of me knows that I am the issue, that I am so aware of trying to not be needy or pushy with my emotional needs I have managed to send the message to the boys that I don’t need extra love on these days.

And new this year is the loss of my brother, and the heartbreaking knowledge that my sister-in-law is celebrating her first mothers day without him.

Reflecting, I can’t help but recognized that rolling with the changes of life gets harder as you age. That change is never really easy to accept, especially when it involves the ones you love. Children growing, loved ones passing, us getting older.

And I see that I have put a lot of pressure on certain days, and expectations on others because of that. As my spiritual growth continues, I have come to be aware of this sneaky feeling…and also found that getting into nature is how my mind works most clearly.

And so I walked, on land I know how blessed we are to call ours. As I walked I thought of all the women, mothers or not, and how impactful we are in each others lives…whether we realize it or not.

And I thought about Mother’s Day, and what it truly represents to me.

The thing that came to my mind was WOMEN.

Today is about women.

How we effect each other, how we impact the world.

Whether we have given birth or not, we are all mothers.

An example that comes to mind when I think of this is a woman I met while working in a small retail store in a local mall when I was about 17. She and I worked every shift together, talking about all things and her giving me advice and encouragement along the way. I looked up to her, and respected what she taught me.

Although not my mother, she impacted my life by being understanding and kind, teaching me things she learned and allowing me space to make my own decisions. A mother figure.

We all have stories like this, and we all have people that have stories of us like this. As we are all Mothers.

So, although I will admit I do love the attention I’m getting today, my thoughts are with all of us. My appreciation is to all of you, my supports, my teachers, my students.

My fellow woman.

I wish us all a Happy Mothers Day.

May we continue to lift one another, teach one another and support one another.


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