Body Mind Spirit Series

The Body Mind Spirit Series is an offering that will help create harmony and balance in our lives by connecting with our trifecta…..


Each module is 1.5-2 hours and you can buy into each individually or as a package.

Week 1-Body
We will move our bodies in a gentle yoga class suitable for all levels that will enable us to use our breath and movement to connect with our bodies, learning how to listen and respond.
During our Savasana we will experience a guided meditation to further enhance that connection.

Week 2-Mind
We will explore mindfulness, stress reduction exercises.
We will learn what it means to meditate and how different meditation techniques can achieve different results.

Week 3-Spirit
We will explore our third eye and crown chakra spaces in depth, and learn how to tap into these amazing energy centres. We will discuss some techniques you can practice at home to further your connection to spirit.
Energy exchange will be offered through Reiki.

Before each module you will receive an energy packed email filled with all the information you will need for our upcoming date, including a focused journalling worksheet.

Space is very limited to provide a safe space for sharing and comfort.

We will meet on Zoom and our time together will be recorded for those that are unable to attend.

$60 for the whole series or $25 for individual modules!

Each module, you will receive an item to help allow you to connect to your body, mind and spirit.
If you are in the Barrie area, you may pick up these items.
If you are outside of the Barrie area, delivery is available for a fee.

Mind Body Series