Winter Solstice

Welcome to your Winter Solstice!!

Winter Solstice is such an amazing time of year, it marks the shortest day and longest night, a time to examine the darkness (things that need releasing) and welcome in the lightness (all that goodness we desire).  If you’ve practiced with me before, you know VERY well that this is one of my favourite things to do…

Inhale positive, exhale negative!

So, how do we honour this magical time of year?  Well, as with most yogic rituals, we move, sit, write……we complete 108 sun salutations, meditate then journal.  


While we move today, the focus is on connecting our movements to our breath.  When I say that I mean inhale move, exhale move, inhale move, exhale move.  We do this when we practice our full moon salutations.  What it does is create an extremely medative practice, one that has all your focus, and your attention, one that allows your mind to clear and for you to surround inwards.  This preps you for and amazing meditation, and allows all the shit to pour out during your journaling.  

It’s amazing!

Something I like to do just before I begin my salutations, is sit cross legged, hands in prayer at heart centre and ask myself  “What do I need to release?”   I say this as a mantra.  10-20 times.  Then I begin…..I begin the self exploration of going within.  It always amazes me, HONESTLY amazes, the shit that we can discover about our selves when we get quiet and go within.  

I love it!!  I love the re-introduction to self!!

Ahhhhh, I love a ritual!  Especially one that allows growth, blooming and calmness…..empowering.  Yep, lets do it!

Wondering where to start?  What I wish I could post right here is a yoga video on 108 sun salutations…..soon yogis…’s one of the things I’m exhaling this year (hello poor body imagine, self doubt, am I moving smooth enough, is my voice too irritating….).  What I can offer you, is the sequence that I practice.  You will notice that it is not a traditional sun salutation…but you are so welcomed to do that.  You are also welcomed to do this your way, shake up the order, change the asanas, pause 1/4 way through to take a break.  

You do you!

This is your winter solstice!  Following your practice, I have taped a meditation to help lead you through releasing negative and cultivating positiveness.  We will be using a Mala, so grab yours.  If you don’t have one, please note that I will mind the time and alert you when our 108 breaths are complete. Then we journal this shit out!  

So grab your mat, mala, journal and pen and let’s get to releasing the negative and accepting the positive!

108 movements....traditionally you would complete sun salutations. But focus on making 108 movements......break them up into groups of 9. I always begin my 108 practice with 9 inhale arms up and exhale to heart centre....9 movements down....99 to go....You got this.

Grab your Malas!! Find a comfy spot to sit and let's breathe together!!
Find your Winter Solstice Guided Mediation here.

Journaling Prompts
Ok, journal time! Don't skip this guys!! Grab your journal and pen. Begin to write it all out. Everything that pops into your head. Don't worry about letter form or organization, just write it out. Get messy, don't follow the "rules." GET IT OUT!
If you need some help starting here are a few prompts to inspire you:
-Write down 54 things you need to release and 54 things you wish for.
-If you knew you wouldn't fail, what would you do?
-What self limiting belief stop me from doing what I desire?

Close Your Ceremony
Take a big inhale, reach your arms overhead and exhale through hearts centre. Hold yourself in love here for 5 breaths. State your intentions silently or quietly. Thank the darkness for the gift of lightness. Thank the light for coming through.

Namaste Yogis,