Grounding Love & Protection Mala

Tourmaline & Rose Quartz


8mm stones with a total length of 22”

Tourmaline is a very powerful protecting gem.  It has the ability to block negativity energies and thoughts.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love.  It raises self esteem and balances the emotions.

I recite mantras as I hand-tie the knots on a mala, to add my positive intention to your intention. The mantra I used during the tying process of this mala is:


Each YbK mala is unique and hand made with stones and gems specifically picked. Due to the beauty of nature, no bead or gem is the same and because each knot is hand tied, it is normal to have a small bit of give or even perhaps a gap along the cord to allow the beads to move freely for counting. You can expect to see some give along your cord with frequent use.